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Components from the Cloud

Get Things Done With Us

Let’s shorten your time to market together!

Modular Systems

Out of our service catalogue you can put together all components (single responsibility) you need for your website, app, etc. just as you desire. With just a few clicks you combine them all easily over our backend.

Scaled with your requirements

Our microservices do not have a direct database connection (stateless services). Every service takes over one function and gives back something. This way we enable unlimited scaling – all without long loading time.

Powerful API

We know you have a lot of work to do. That is why we offer an api for everything. No matter if backend- or frontend service, everything is a piece of cake.

What we Offer

We offer you full focus on your core product. We relieve you of all tedious work by granting you access to over 15 microservices. Our services take over your software development work. JSON to JSON or JSON to HTML, the suitable environment comes out of the cloud. This also means: No devops questions and no unnecessary operating costs.

Time to Market Reduction

What does a collaboration with us look like?

An Example: Developing a registration process takes round about 10 developer days with a value of 10.000 EUR for hosting and maintenance costs. If you use a Rappidoo registration service, the integration takes up only half a developer day. Costs per api call per registration are 0,03 EUR. Instead of letting you developer work for 10 full days (10.000 EUR) you can have 333.333 users register themselves with a Rappidoo service.

Full Control

For the measurement of the service success you will have access your own free dashboard. It will help you keep the overview over the usage. These statistics are live and therefore are always up-to-date. Soon you will have access to reports and the option of exporting them as csv-files. You will receive monthly invoices brocken down into components.

Your Programming Language and our API – that ROCKS!

We process the inquiries and you choose if you want a finished HTML or .json-file. Since all programming languages can process .json, everyone can use our services in full extent.

See the Pen Rappidoo GmbH by Michael Ewe (@michaelewe) on CodePen.

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